Grand Canyon, Arizona

With affordable lodging and a multitude of camping options, nothing beats the cheap but spectacular views found at the Grand Canyon. After paying just a small entrance fee, your access to the canyon and surrounding park is virtually limitless. Be on the lookout for free park days as well!

St. Augustine, Florida 

Considered the oldest city in America, one can enjoy a vacation packed with history and culture while still taking advantage of the sunny Florida weather. Located only 5 miles from the beach, there is a great mix of sites to see and sand to enjoy at this reasonably priced destination. 

Williamsburg, Virginia 

One of the most historically significant towns in continental United states, this is the spot for history buffs. You’ll feel just like your back in colonial times with actors dressed in the traditional garb of the time, museums, and historical reenactments to enhance the immersive experience. While prices aren’t as real colonial times, you’ll save plenty of money on cheap food and shopping while in Williamsburg.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

If the mountains are your thing, then this is the destination you want to be. The central location of Colorado makes travel to and from the area cheaper and easier. Once you arrive, you’ll be forced to choose between gorgeous sites like the red rocks of the Garden of the Gods or beautiful North Cheyenne Canon Park. 

Savannah, Georgia 

A cheaper alternative to Atlanta, Savannah offers the same southern charm to travelers but at a much lower cost. Restaurants and shopping offer fun day time activity at a low price, or check out the historical sites like Forsyth Park for free! Great for couples as well, there’s no better spot for lunch then along the stunning Savannah River. 

The Finger Lakes, New York

With 11 lakes and 19 waterfalls, anyone who enjoys the water or outdoor activities will have a great time here. Low cost activities include fishing, hiking, and bike riding, each of which offer a unique experience and dazzling views of the scenic New York area. While slightly more expensive, adults can enjoy the many wineries the Finger Lakes has to offer.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Between a mix of history during the day and a hopping nightlife once the sun goes down, everyone is bound to find something they’ll enjoy in Philadelphia. Independence Hall and tours of the Liberty Bell are free. If that’s not your speed, you can find cheap tickets for the many different sports teams in the city depending on the season. 

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

Looking for a fun and cheap beach vacation spot? You’ve found it in Myrtle Beach, located along the coast of South Carolina this beach offers many cheap or even free attractions for every member of the family. With over 60 miles of beautiful sandy beaches and a bustling boardwalk that comes alive at night, there is no shortage of fun at this beach. 

Olympic National Park, Washington

This national park is home to many different beautiful landscapes including mountain tops and lucious temperate rainforests that will make you forget you’re in the U.S. Animal lovers will enjoy the chance to see a wide range of wildlife like black bears, whales, and bald eagles just to name a few. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Salt Lake City is one destination that can be enjoyed year round and for very cheap prices. History and beauty make up this city and one will have a difficult time deciding whether to spend their time in busy Temple Square, or nearby Antelope Island Park.


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