Let’s be honest – 2020 was a tough year, but with a new year, comes new opportunities! 

Take this time at the beginning of the year to really evaluate your financial situation. 

What are your goals for 2021? Do you need a new car? Are you going back to school? Are you trying to buy a house? Is there a new gaming system that you’re really interested in? 

Once you determine your financial goal(s): you need to take a hard look at what you’ve been spending money on and see if there’s any places where you can save and put that towards your goal. 

That meal delivery you get 3 times a week? How much money could you save by making food at home? Those delivery fees add up! 

The 5 separate streaming services you’ve had to subscribe to? Try sharing some accounts with your friends and family! $15/month turns into $5/month when you split it with 2 of your friends.

Online shopping too much? You think you’re “saving $10” when you’re really just spending $30 that you wouldn’t have if not for the deal. 

Regardless of which area you could save money in – go through all your statements and total exactly how much you spent last month or even last year. You’ll see that a bunch of small charges add up fast. 

We’re still in quarantine: learn how to cook at home, rotate your streaming services every few months (or weeks) when you finish a show, let that item sit in your cart for 24 hours before buying and you’ll realize whether you really love or need it. 

The only way to reach your financial goals is to understand how much money is coming in, how much you have to spend each month (rent, bills, etc) and how much you have left over to either save towards your goal or spend on something that you just want in the moment? 

If you need a jumpstart towards those goals, call us today 855-949-4496 and we can help you get cash now for your future settlement payments. Those payments aren’t helping you right now, get the money you’re owed now! 

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